Jean Larie’s debut CD Long Stretch of Road includes 12 comfortable songs that become easily familiar. The Minturn, Colorado singer-songwriter presents a CD that’s as light as mountain air. Songs are crafted with an easy folk feeling influenced by her pure midwestern roots. The music is fleshed out from Jean Larie’s bare bones songs to a more full and rounded sound. The lyrics are often times chock full of personal feelings that recall emotions reminiscent of one’s youth, but they also bring you back to the present. These universal stories of family, love and searching told here have something that everyone can relate to. These songs are perfect for listening in the car during your long stretch of road. This music will carry you to a place far, far away and also take you right back home.” - Quentin Compson, Minturn, Colorado

— DJ for ZLNX.LP "Radio Free Minturn"

  Minturn Singer/Songwriter Jean Larie Flaherty Releases New Album MINTURN, CO May 2, 2013 – Longtime Minturn resident and local singer/songwriter Jean Larie Flaherty has just released a new album titled Long Stretch of Road. It contains 12 original songs all written by Ms. Flaherty (she goes by the stage name of Jean Larie on the album), and it was recorded and mixed locally at Mintown Studios in Minturn. “My CD has been a labor of love,” says Ms. Flaherty. “I started recording in January 2012 and I just kept recording my best pieces. When I had completed 12 tracks, I decided to put out a CD.” All of the songs on the album were written in the last three years, mainly early in the morning when Ms. Flaherty’s mind is fresh and she is at her most creative. The songs reflect many of her musical influences, from classic 60s and 70s songwriters such as Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, and Joan Baez through her more modern influences including Wilco, Lucinda Williams, and Ryan Adams. Ms. Flaherty worked with a variety of local musicians on this album, including guitarist/bassist Joe Bianchi, drummer Brian Loftus, keyboardist Jeff Armistead, vocalist Terri Armistead, violinist Nick Steingart, and banjo player Patrick Padgett. Long Stretch of Road will be available for sale on CD Baby.” - Andrew Martin