Current State of Recording 

Soooo, I started recording new material in May, yes that would be still Spring, with the intention of a September release date. Oversight on my perception of the gigs and trips and plans for the summer. Summer has come and gone, also most of September - so maybe an October release?? 

Anyhow, working through 10+ new songs and all that goes with release of a cd. Some of these songs are from 10 years ago (Arms of the Moon) and some were just penned this past year. I guess a wide variety of topics and notions

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New Beginnings 2014 

April 22, 2014

Spring is here at last, a good winter, lots of snow, but it is time to move forward, open up the windows and let the light in!!

I’ve written a few new songs since my cd and here are those that made it to the studio, so far, tomorrow is another day:  


CD Release Party at Kirby Cosmo's in Minturn, CO 

My CD Release party for "Long Stretch of Road" at Kirby Cosmo's BBQ Bar on May 17 had a great turn out. Lots of Min'urn folk showed up, lots of Swift Eagle friends came, even some new people came just to check it out. I played songs from "Long Stretch" joined by Joe Bianchi. Joe played bass, lead guitar, guitar and mandolin on the CD so he really livened up each song. Terry Armistead came on board afterwards,then Joe & Terry shared some of their great songs. After that set, Pat Hamilton added to this mix…

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