A Little of This


A little of this, a little of that

A patch of dark amongst the light

In all things wild and wonderful

Know when to hang on and when to let go


So my daughter once said, that life was kinda like an experiment, you try a little of this and a little of that until you find what works. No one tells you, which experience to stay with and which one to chuck out. You just keep on trying different scenarios until you find that one that fits just like a glove.

I guess that struck me as the essence of life. You just try one thing, then another until you somehow; someway find that magic combination that fulfills your purpose in life, that leads you through it. It may not be exactly where you thought you would be, but eventually you find that spot (however fleeting) that feels just right. It’s a little of this and a little of that makes the perfect combination.

 This description was the inspiration for a new song in the spring of 2015 (A Little of This) and the beginning of my second cd. I began recording in April last year, laying down the tracks A Little of This, a Little of That and of Mighty Lion, which I wrote about the collapse of Lionshead Rock above my hometown of Minturn, Colorado.

I then added some of my older songs (No Problems, Home Stretch, Fall Between Shadows, and Believe in You). Then I wrote Second Wind, as long as there is always another chance, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.The next step was to finish Rain Lover (wrote during a drizzly month of May), wrap up Sleep Next to Me, an old fashioned lullaby and put everything to bed with Twilight Refrain.

All these songs represent something significant in my life, an explanation, a reverie, a wish, a promise, a fall from grace, a day of happiness. A little of this and a little of thatJ!!

I would like to thank all those involved with this project, creatively and spiritually. Thanks to friends and family that always support my songwriting. Special thanks to my husband, who always believes in me and all my crazy endeavors. Love you!!


The Journey - - - 

I have written songs for years, but not really writing consistantly. In 2006 I started writing every day, some good stuff, some not so good, but I was loving the journey. I was playing and writing like never before. I wrote "The Scully's Song" for our company Christmas party, and got rave reviews from my friends. Then I discovered that another co-worker was an excellent guitarist and we began jamming together every Tuesday night.

After that I was hooked, I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I attended "Song School" in Lyons, Colorado and learned soooooo much. There are so many talented songwriters, and they were so open to helping me learn the tricks of the trade so to speak. I came back after a week with a new appreciation for songwriting, and a ever increasing knowledge of what went into writing good songs, and how much more there was to know about the process. I have made it a habit to write every free moment. If I am not writing, I try to learn the guitar better, to strengthen my singing, to connect to the local music community, to get my music out there. Basically, to dive into this passion of mine with no backward glances, just enjoying the ride.

At the start of 2012, I started recording my songs at the new Mintown Studios in our small town of Minturn, Colorado. I started with one song at a time and didn't really know how far I would get, or where this recording would lead. Joe Bianchi was the recording engineer. He plays guitar, lead guitar, bass, mandolin and piano, so he was basically the back up band to my songs. Each song we added was an adventure, some great, some needed lots of work, and some we're pure magic.

At the end of 2012, I had recorded 13 songs and really have no designs to finish with a cd. But, after trying to figure out where to go next, there wasn't any other choice. I needed to have something tangible for all the work done, so yes a cd! Since that decision, I have been editing like crazy, adding harmonies, and instruments, even a live drummer. Yea, that was the finishing touch that I should have started with, it connected all the other instruments.

So, I have a cd and it's just been released. I am very proud of the work done here. I have made the introduction and now, I’m very proud to present "Long Stretch of Road".  Let me know what you think and please pass the word around.

Cheers and thanks for listening, Jean Larie